I woke up today

I woke up today.
I woke up and could hear the birds singing their enchanting tunes.
I woke up to the smell of fresh coffee being brewed.
I woke up and seen the empty space beside me.
It was then I truly woke up.
It’s like I could finally feel what my hearts been whispering to me, but my brain was too loud.
I woke up to his love.
It was like an adrenaline rush of the highest dose.
He opens the window slightly because he knows I love the brisk air first thing in the morning.
He makes me coffee nearly every morning because he knows I just grunt until I have some
He sacrifices his mornings in bed, so I can sleep a little longer.
He loves me.
I woke up to questions.
Why have I over looked these simple yet meaningful gestures?
What have I done to deserve this kind of attention?
How have I been showing him that I pay attention to him?
When do I show him I love him?
And the questions went, suddenly

– Your favorite Gemini


Your favorite Gemini

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