Allow yourself to feel, we are only human after-all.

Why do we, as humans, belittle ourselves?
We slap a smile on our face & lie to the world.
We degrade our pain & sorrows as so not to be an inconvenience.
We tell ourselves that what we feel does not matter.
We tell ourselves we do not matter
We are saying that we are not worthy of the love & compassion others can offer us.
Us humans, made up of stardust & moon beams, are saying we do not matter.
How have we come to a point where we tear ourselves apart simply for being human?
For having emotions?
For not being perfect?
We rip our tongues out so not to speak a word about the hurt in us.
We stitch our mouths closed because we have been taught not to open up about our suffering.
We drown in our un-wept tears out of fear of showing our struggles.
We blind ourselves to our own demons by looking for someone else’s.
We have become so quick to offer ourselves to be leaned upon, but a rotten post never made for a good support.

It is of the utmost importance we give ourselves self maintenance.
Lift your gaze to the demons that haunt your life.
Allow the tears to spill from your eyes.
Open your mouth & let the sound of your cries echo.
Speak, allow yourself to say the words you have held back for so long.

You are worth more then being brushed under the rug.
So come, cry on my shoulder & tell me everything that you try so hard to ignore.
Tell me about your sorrows & fears.
Scream if you need to.
I’ll be your post to lean on.

You are worthy.

– Your favorite Gemini


Your favorite Gemini

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