The biggest lie we tell ourselves, “It’s just how I am.”

Everyone has said it, “It’s just how I am.”
I used to believe that people are born with pre programmed behaviour. Such as, kindness, selfish,codependent, independent, submissive, aggressive, dominant, etc..

I believed that the way I was, was all ready predetermined during utero.
There was no way to change my behaviour, it was just who I was.
I was wrong.

Yes, some people can be more prone to having aggressive like behaviours due to their parents aggressive behaviour, however once you reach adulthood, that is all you.
How did I get to this realization?
I changed my behaviour, and therefore changed who I am.
I took a long look at myself in the mirror and made the conscious decision to reinvent myself to my liking & stop using the excuse that “It is just how I am.”
I had too look at myself and remove the limit

By definition, just means you are exactly the behavior you are displaying. It is an unwavering word.

You are not JUST you.
You CHOOSE to be you.

You limit yourself and use it as a cope out when you say “It is just how I am.”
No, you are not just your insecurities.
You are not your arrogance.
You are not your shit behaviours.

You are who you decided to be.
You are who you choose to be.

– Your Favorite Gemini


Your favorite Gemini

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