Finding my unity

I have been working on my body confidence for years. It is something I have always struggled with.
I come from a family of extreme obesity.
And yesterday, I bought my first bikini.
My body longs to feel the warm kiss of the sun, and to be washed with the running water of the earth.

This body has carried me for 24 years.
It has carried 2 beautiful angel children.
It has taken me to amazing views and hiked hundreds of mountains and terrain.
It has survived self harm.
It has refused to give up on me when I made several attempts at ending it all.
This body is my souls home.
I should be proud of it, not embarrassed by it.

I have deprived my body.
I have robbed my body of the food it needs to be the best that it can be.
I have forced it to go into survival mode from starving it for far to long.
I have false beliefs that because I am over-weight, I am not worthy.
Not worthy of consuming what the planet has to offer.
Not worthy of being seen.
Not worthy.
I have separated myself from my body.

Let me repeat that.
I have separated myself from my body.
I have broken unity between my mind, body & soul.
I do not practice what I preach.

So today, and every today that is yet to come,
I choose to give my body the respect, and admiration it deserves.
I choose not to be my own fear anymore.

I am choosing unity in myself, ALL of myself.

– Your favorite Gemini


Your favorite Gemini

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